Screaming Eagle Woolie Boogers: ($64.95)

  The "Woolie Boogers" are made from unshorn sheep hide.  They are hand cut and each pair is carefully stitched to insure they'll last a long time.  They are equipped with belt clips for attachment when you're walking and nylon string to loop them through the belt loops when you're in the stand.  When that big buck walks by you, slip them off and they will fall quietly behind you, out of the way of your bow string.  
(Temporarily Unavailable)

Woolie Muff: ($64.95)

  The "Woolie Muff" is a round tube made from the same unshorn sheep hide, but it has two straps with snaps on the backside.  It comes with a belt, or can be attached to a belt, fanny pack waist strap or similar item.  Now you can keep your hands warm and not have anything hanging off your body or equipment.  These things are great for football games or any outdoor recreation during the fall and winter!
(Temporarily Unavailable)


  Lavilin is not a gimmick odor remover, it's not a cover scent.  It is a REAL deodorant like those that millions of people use each day to avoid being "offensive."
  Lavalin is very different from other deodorants on three counts:
    It is the world's only long-lasting deodorant.  Even when showering daily, one application lasts most users from eight to fourteen days (some users report up to 20 days' protection from odor before having to reapple Lavalin.)
    It is the only "All Natural" deodorant available, made from natural antibacterial agents.
    It contains no aluminum chlorohydrate.

Cordovan Shooting Tab: ($14.95)

  An old-time bowhunter was telling us about the "Cordovan" tabs of 40 years ago--how "slick" they were, how they seemed to last forever ( that got us, because we're QUALITY freaks!)  These are made from Cordovan leather, the "slickest" leather in the world.  Cordovan leather is extremely hard to get and expensive, but worth it!  They guarantee a smooth release every time.  They are only one layer thick and do not have a finger divider.  Trust us, this is NOT a problem.  It will take only a day or two to get used to it and fall in love with!  You will never have better "fee" for your string, or a more "perfect" release!  

**For orders with multiply items, call (406) 793-3003 to save on shipping charges.  
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