Original Screaming Eagle Stand: ($151.95-$144.95)

  A tree stand must be...SAFE, STABLE, STRONG and QUIET!  We will personally guarantee you that no tree stand made is safer, more stable, stronger or quieter.
SAFE:  If your stand fails you, you could die or be paralyzed.
STABLE: If your stand moves, you could miss your shot, and/or lose your balance and fall.
STRONG:  Our stand is the stongest stand in the world.  Try hanging a car from any other.  Note that our stand has no human weight limit.
QUIET:  For that Boone and Crockett Whitetail, this is the critical factor.  If the stand squeaks or creaks when you move to shoot, it's all over.  
Our stand is totally quiet...ALWAYS!!
Weight: 14 pounds.  Seat height: 25".  Platform is 25" wide and 24" deep.  Welded, unpainted steel.  Five feet of chain is included along with installation instructions.  

Screaming Eaglet Stand: ($141.95-$134.95)

  We also offer a scaled down Screaming Eagle.  The stand is really great for carrying long distances in to the woods, or up into the mountains to those "hot spot" elk wallows.
  We particularly like it when we want to leave as much cover in a tree as possible...with the smaller platform, we cut out fewer branches.

Weight: 11 pounds.  Seat height: 20.5".  Platform is 19 3/4" wide and 19 1/2" deep.  Five feet of chain is also included.

Screaming Eagle Bracket Mount Stand (The Boss): ($141.95-$134.95)

  Buy one stand and several of the mounting brackets and you have a way to have multiple stand sites without having to have a bunch of stands.

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